Migration guide

The documentation for version 1 can be found at v1.developer.quis.de . Version 1 is deprecated and will sunset on September 30, 2022.

This migration guide should help you to migrate to the second version of the QUIS API. With the second version, we introduced uniform type definitions, tried to improve the developer experience, improved the performance, and generated new possibilities for your usage of the QUIS information. Please reach out to our support, info@quis.de, if you have questions or encounter any problems.


The location endpoints replace the old block endpoint. This group has been reworked significantly. We suggest looking into the endpoint descriptions for specific changes. Some of the changes are:

  • The region section of the old block endpoint is seperated into its own endpoint.
  • Introduction of type definitions
  • Introduction of administrative divisions
  • Introduction of a new chart type definition
  • Renamed and restructured keys
  • Introduction and extended usage of enums and numerical values
    • e. g. Infrastructure now returns all distances as floats instead of strings.


The offer search endpoint replaces the price filter endpoint completely. We considered the price filter endpoint as not intuitive and developer-friendly and reworked the request and response.

  • We removed the statistics, since those can be calculated from the items if necessary.
  • location.postCode is renamed to location.divisionLevel100 in the LocationFilter
  • offerId is renamed to id in the Response


For the valuation endpoint we tried to minimize the breaking changes. However, we wanted to benefit from the introduced PropertyType and already consistent fields between the 4 existing endpoints. Therefore we combined those to a single endpoint, simplifying the integration. We recommend reading the endpoint documentation and adapting your implementation accordingly. Some of the changes are:

  • Renamed path
  • The response now returns a currency
  • confidence is mapped to 3 instead of 5 classes
  • Different keys were renamed to match other endpoints. E. g. furnishing is now called quality.
  • The enums no longer contain spaces