This endpoint is not generally available for questions please contact sales .
To simplify the parameters and to support a broader variety of packages, this endpoint accepts both GET and POST requests.

The plot endpoint provides a first valuation for a plot of land with specific characteristics.


Either the address or coordinate parameter is required. If both are provided, the address will be used.

api_keystringRequired Your API key, find more information in the authentication section
addressstringThe address will be used to find the building block.
For more precise results, use addresses in the following format: street house_number, postal_code city
coordinatestringThe coordinate will be used to find the building block.
Format: latitude,longitude
Example: 53.56132168856504,9.91211843516794
land_areafloatRequired The land area of the plot of land.


  "api_key": "YOUR API KEY",
  "address": "Gasstraße, Hamburg",
  "land_area": 350.25,

This example configuration will need to generate an URL like:

GET<YOUR-API-KEY>&address=Gasstraße,Hamburg&land_area=350.52 HTTP/2

Response values

valuationfloatThe predicted value of the plot of land


The provided example has random values and incomplete series, showing the expected format.
GET<YOUR-API-KEY>&address=Gasstraße,Hamburg&land_area=350.52 HTTP/2
  "valuation": 123456.78,
  "meta": {
    "url": ",9.91097785903008",
    "version": "1.10.1"