Valuation (Alpha)

This endpoint is deprecated, because this feature is moving out of the alpha phase. This endpoint will be removed in a later version.
This endpoint is currently in the alpha state and limited to apartments.
This endpoint is not generally available for questions please contact sales .
GET<YOUR-API-KEY>&address=<YOUR-ADDRESS>&living_space=<LIVING-SPACE>&building_year=<BUILDING-YEAR>&condition=<CONDITION>&furnishing=<FURNISHING> HTTP/2

The valuation endpoint provides a first valuation for an object with specific characteristics.


Either the address or coordinate parameter is required. If both are provided, the address will be used.

api_keyRequired Your API key, find more information in the authentication section
addressThe address will be used to find the building block. For more precise results, use addresses in the following format: street house_number, postal_code city
coordinateThe coordinate will be used to find the building block.
living_spaceRequired The living space of the property. It is also used to calculate the total valuation.
building_yearThe building year of the property.
conditionThe condition of the property. Possible values: dilapidated, bad, moderate, good, very good
furnishingThe furnishing of the property. Possible values: very simple, simple, good, upscale, very upscale


  "api_key": "YOUR API KEY",
  "address": "Gasstraße, Hamburg",
  "living_space": 52.12,
  "building_year": 1980,
  "condition": "good",
  "furnishing": "good"

This example configuration will need to generate an URL like:

GET<YOUR-API-KEY>&address=Gasstraße,Hamburg&living_space=52.12&building_year=1980&condition=good&furnishing=good HTTP/2

Response values

valuationfloatThe predicted purchase price of the object
confidenceintegerThe confidence of the valuation. Possible values are ranging from 1 - not confident to 5 - very confident.


The provided data has random values to give you a feeling about the format you can expect.

GET<YOUR-API-KEY>&address=Gasstraße,Hamburg&living_space=52.12&building_year=1980&condition=good&furnishing=good HTTP/2
  "valuation": 123456.78,
  "confidence": 3,
  "meta": {
    "url": ",9.91097785903008",
    "version": "1.10.1"