Property Groups

This endpoint is not generally available. For questions please contact sales.

GET /property_groups HTTP/2

The property groups endpoint returns a list of properties groups. You can filter the list by various criteria.

Example use-cases:

  • Display a list of property groups in your application.
  • Allow navigation navigation through the property groups.


curl -X GET '<YOUR-API-KEY>'
Field Description Type Remarks
limit Maximum number of items to return integer max: 100, default: 10
offset Number of items to skip integer default: 10
parentId Filter by the parent property group string If left empty only property groups without a parent are listed. Except when a query is provided.
query Filter the properties string Filtered by customId, externalId, address, etc.


  "items": [
      "id": "aee52a8c-6a50-4e3f-b5bd-6aecd2d4abbd",
      "customId": "123456789",
      "externalId": "e29266df-6501-4326-a7e1-9440d347f8df",
      "parentId": "9b4f4f58-92bb-4ea3-b623-53b2141a17de",
      "location": {
        "address": {
          "unstructured": "Musterstraße 1, 12345 Musterstadt"
        "coordinates": {
          "latitude": 52.520008,
          "longitude": 13.404954
      "totalProperties": 3,
      "totalPropertyGroups": 2
  "totalItems": 834,
  "meta": {
    "url": null,
    "version": "2.10.0"
Field Description Type Remarks
items List of property groups array of PropertyGroup  
totalItems Total number of items integer  
meta Meta information of the API Meta  

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